It’s time for a massive voter registration gig!

We are putting the band back together folks!

Since 2017, The Comedy Resistance has held over 125 shows nationwide, we have registered more than 65,000 voters, and we have gotten out the vote in countless crucial elections. It’s time to do some more!

We have launched Comedians For Democracy because once again we need a massive voter registration gig to galvanize comedy fans all across the country, and make sure they are ready to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

By partnering up with community-based organizations in key states, and registering voters at the shows of some of the biggest names in comedy, we will continue striving towards a more robust and humane democracy.

Beyond voter registration, The Comedy Resistance has successfully championed the drafting and passage of anti-voter suppression legislation in Georgia, we have distributed more than 35,000 face masks during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have supported countless asylum-seeking families in their legal proceedings and direct aid needs.

Your support goes directly to our impactful on-the-ground efforts as we bring this critical voter registration mission to comedy clubs and shows nationwide. With your help, we can register more than 100,000 new voters during 2021-2022 through our Comedians For Democracy tour.

Join us today!