TCR-TX Update from our Austin Team

The TCR-TX team launched at Moontower Comedy Festival on April 20th 2018, where David Cross & Friends: Avery Moore, Justin Hicks, Luis Flandes, Tyler Groce, Preacher Lawson, Hunter Duncan, The Sklar Brothers, Maria Bamford, and more were joined by local organizers and Voter Registration with Headcount in Austin TX. We also did voter registration and popup comedy shows in San Antonio and Lockhart.

Because Texas is a hot state with some of the most restrictive rules to register to vote, TCR -TX has organized numerous voter deputizing events and those newly deputized volunteers have fanned out to comedy shows and events throughout Texas in an effort to get people registered to vote.

Ongoing VR and GOTV efforts include partnerships with venues, Native Hotel, Cap City and more.

An partial listing of where TCR-TX HAS DONE so far:

Friday April 20th Pop Up Registration Event David Cross, Sklar Brothers, Justin Hicks, Avery Moore Near UT Campus on Guadeloupe and Cosmic Cafe Coffee and Beer

BBQ Restaurant Pop-Up Show Austin Texas

Saturday April 21st Pop Up Event Lockheart TX Smitty’s Market Pat Sirois Chris Tellez

Comics: Pat Sirois Chris Tellez

Saturday April 21st Pop Up Registration Event San Antonio Fiesta Festival

George Anthony, Pat Sirous

Saturday May 19th Austin TX

Near UT Campus on Guadeloupe St Pop-Up: Luis Flandes

Friday May 25th Austin TX Near UT Campus on Guadeloupe St Pop-Up

Ashley Overton, Luis Flandes, George Anthony

Saturday May 26th Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin TX pop up

Ashley Overton, Luis Flandes, Hunter Duncan, Justin Hicks, Avery Moore,

Wednesday May 30th 9pm End of the Month Showcase The Night Owl Bar in Austin TX

Chris Tellez, Avery Moore, Pat Sirois, Tyler Groce, Hunter Duncan, George Anthony

Tuesday June 7th Austin Texas Travis County VDR Deputization Event

7 UT Students (Sarah Herzer)

Sunday July 1st

Comedy Resistance Showcase/Registration Event at Native Hostel Austin TX

Tai Nguyen, Andrew Murphy, Austin Smartt, Elizabeth Spears, Sahana Srinivasan, Chris Hills, Rachel Hall, Luis Flandes, Ashley Overton, League of Women Voters

Saturday July 7th Austin Texas Travis County VDR Deputization Event at Varsity Pizza

Friday July 27  Alamo Drafthouse Over the Rainbow First LGBTQ Show,

Ralphie Hardesty, Keisha Hunt, Arielle Norman, Symply Courtney, Colton Dowling,

Sunday August 5 Comedy Resistance Showcase/Registration Event at Native Hostel Show

Colton Dowling, Arielle Norman, Norah Franklin, Jay Whitecotton, Pat Dean, Avery Moore, Chris Tellez

Saturday August 11th LGBTQ Pride Show Registration Event: Colton Dowling, Ashley Overton, Holli Cuomo, Andrew Horneman, Carina Magyar, Austin Smartt

Friday August 24th 11:30 pm Late Night Comedy Resistance Coldtowne Theater Show: Live Comedy and Registration Event Ronnita Miller, Austin Howell, Wendy Salome, Matt Shirley, Audra Schroeder, Wilhem Olivia, Wade Arbuckle

Sunday September 2nd Austin TX Native Hostel Showcase Registration Event

Luis Flandes, Laura Ortiz, Chris Tellez, Carlton Wilcox, Jasmine Eliss, Jered McCorkle

Mitch Mekulsia

Tuesday September 11th Cap City Comedy Club Registration Drive Chris Cubas and Martha Kelly