Face Masks for Navajo Nation

SuitCase Joe distributing masks to Navajo Nation

Coronavirus is still on the rise.

Navajo Nation is currently experiencing the biggest spike of coronavirus cases in the country, with more deaths than 13 states combined.

Since forcing their relocation away from their native lands, the United States Federal Government has not provided the Navajo with running water, paved roads, internet, or any of the so-called essentials of living that many of us enjoy. And yet, the Navajo have managed to protect their tribal elders, and with them, their memories. Their stories. Their culture.

Now, many of those tribal elders — among others — are at risk again. Only this time, an invisible enemy is wreaking havoc on their communities. And unfortunately, many homes lack the resources to protect themselves from this virus.

In short: they need all the help we can give them.

The Comedy Resistance and Suitcase Joe are committed to solidarity, and are partnering to provide the Navajo Nation with reusable, hand-washable face masks to their community during this pandemic.

We need your help to reach this goal — our generous supplier in Los Angeles has agreed to sell us masks at cost, so $1 = 1 mask!

A member of The Comedy Resistance has strapped 1,000 face masks on the fender of his Harley and is riding 1,356 miles (round trip) from Los Angeles to deliver them to Navajo Nation at the border of AZ and NM. But the need is so much greater. If you can, please help us provide more by sponsoring the Masked Rider. A donation of a penny a mile ($13.56) will purchase almost 14 face masks, saving countless lives! That can really make a difference.

We’re all in this together. Let’s be kind. This is no time to give zero bucks.

TCR’s masked rider delivering masks to Navajo nation