The Comedy Resistance Late Night (Austin, TX)

This is an exclusive Austin Texas comedy event. Coldtowne Theater has partnered up with us to help get people registered to vote. It’s a late night show featuring improv, storytelling, standup comedy, AND voter registration!

The Comedy Resistance is a non-profit bi-partisan organization that uses comedy to get people registered to vote and encourage them to get out to the polls this November for the Mid-Term Elections!

As always, if you are not registered to vote in Austin, we encourage you to register with one of our official Travis County Deputized VDRs who will be at the show ready to sign you up!

Bring a friend to get registered and receive an official Comedy Resistance button!!

This month we are featuring a slew of great local talent:
Improv from Coldtowne Alums
Ronnita Miller
Austin Howell
Wendy Salome
Matt Shirley
Audra Schroeder
Welhem Olivia

Story Telling by

Hosted by Lavaca Street Boyz
Tickets are only 5$
Available in the link below


TCR-TX: The Comedy Resistance Presents: Chris Cubas & Martha Kelly

On Tuesday September 11th Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, TX, will host a stand up comedy voter registration drive. Registered Travis County VDRs will be onsite to get audiences registered to vote.

Chris Cubas (Comedy Central) will host special guest Martha Kelly (FX Baskets, Spider-man) for a night of laugh-out-loud poignant hilarity.

The Comedy Resistance is a non-profit organization that uses comedy events to inspire the American people to get activated and organized in their communities.

With our partners and a growing list of volunteers we will help register voters and connect them with high impact volunteering opportunities. Together, we hope to produce a wave of engagement up and down the ballot.

Our Mission is to create comedy platforms that transform a passive political audience to active voters and activists for a wave of electoral change.

Over the Rainbow Comedy

8pm – Free
Barrel O’ Fun — Alamo Drafthouse Mueller
Free Show. Free parking. Free show.
ANND we partnered with The Comedy Resistance, to activate and register voters. Texas has a pretty good chance of making some big changes this year and y’all can help support that change – just by showing up.
This event is free, but we encourage you to make a donation to the local talent ((and help us get an accurate headcount)) here: